Shower Head Filter Hard Water SH100

•  BUILT-IN FILTER: This shower head with water filter includes 7-layer filtration system. The hard water shower filter head uses unique and effective KDF filter design for maximum benefit
•  EASY FILTER CHANGES:  The filtered rain shower head for softening and purifying uses a ribbed design to make any changes as easy as possible to maintain chemical removal process
•  SCREW-ON ATTACHMENT:  The shower head with filters uses a universal fitting. The rainfall shower head with filter is easy to install
•  MULTIPLE SETTINGS:  The high-pressure filtered shower head includes multiple modes, all showers feel like a massage
•  WARRANTY AND EXTRAS:  Each filtered showerhead includes a 1-year warranty. The chrome water softener shower head includes Teflon tape, shower caps, instructions, gift-wrapping

$31.50 $69.99
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Pure action showerhead filter for hair and skin offers numerous benefits, is easy to install, and works with standard faucet options. The filter delivers soft, purified water that can help with conditions like dandruff and hair loss.

These wall mounted shower heads with filters are the ideal option for a rust filtering shower head, shower head filter for hard water and chlorine, shower head filter for well water, shower water filter for chlorine and fluoride, shower head filters for iron. The hard water filter shower head removes tough sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, chloramine, and calcium.

The pureaction filter is simple but is highly effective. The multiple setting showerhead features layers like activated carbon charcoal and KDF, which are leading water filter technology. These technologies are a top removal option.

Este filtro de agua para ducha utiliza un filtro KDF.

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